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Want a Promotion? Then Let Your Boss Know

If you’ve been in your job for some time, have religiously applied to go on every training course available, consistently reach all your deadlines and targets and know the role inside-out, it may be time to think about asking for promotion. But just how do you let your line manager know you want to take the next step? Simply asking for promotion can come across as somewhat presumptuous or arrogant - so what are some more subtle ways to put out the vibe that you want to be considered? Well, the first thing to remember is that if you want to be considered for a more senior role, you need to act in an appropriate manner. Professionalism in all aspects of work will demonstrate to your boss just how much of an asset you are to the business, and flag your contribution up to them at every turn. If your colleagues always talk about how organised, helpful and professional you are, it goes without saying that your managers will hear about it. Make sure you are always on time, both in your everyday work and any extra activities such as meetings. Being known for your punctuality may sound trivial, but if you can get a reputation for being reliable, it will certainly never harm your career prospects. And speaking of meetings, you should always ensure you are both prepared and engaged at every one, whether it’s formal or informal. Have something intelligent and constructive to say, if you can, as it will make you stand out from the people who sit at the back saying nothing and staring at the floor. Dressing for the part is also an important consideration. Even if your current role is a more casual one, you should always be neatly presented - if you are seeking to become a manager, there’s no point turning up in sloppy dress every day because this will not create the right impression. It should be obvious, really, but you will need to do your current job very well before you will even be considered for a more senior role. So this means doing your best at everything you do - every day. Make sure you hit your targets or deadlines each time, and never blame others for any mistakes - if you are honest and take ownership of errors, you will gain the respect of your team mates and bosses alike. When you know you are ready for promotion, make your colleagues aware you are willing to take on extra responsibilities. Maybe volunteer for additional training, or take on a project you would not usually be offered. This will show your bosses you are ready for more challenging duties and that you are capable of doing them well. Having confidence in your own abilities will always work in your favour - being positive about any challenges, recognising any shortfalls and taking action to correct them will show you up in a positive light when the chance for promotion next arises. And if you take all these actions for months and nothing happens, consider having a quiet, informal chat with your line manager about how you feel ready for new challenges. It may just give them the push they need.

Piper Fitzgerald is a Specialist Talent Consultancy operating within Audit, Tax & Advisory Australia wide, recruiting only the Top 15% of candidates. If you are currently looking to recruit for your organisation or are interested in current market opportunities contact Simon on or 1300 619 510.

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