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Six Tips for Success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform in the world. Its aim is to connect professionals with employers in their given industry, making it a fabulous tool for job-seekers. But in order to attract employers, it's important that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and designed in a professional and appealing way. Even if you're not looking for a job and just using LinkedIn to network with other people, it still benefits you to give your profile a little overhaul from time to time. But what can you do to ensure your LinkedIn profile is enough to entice employers?

Fill it in

LinkedIn has a number of sections that require information. While some of them may seem less important than others it's important that you try to fill them all in so that your profile can be seen as 'complete'. This will heighten the chances of a recruiter finding your profile and also looks as if you have put time and thought into your profile rather than just leaving it half done. LinkedIn offers a tool that measures the completeness of your profile so you can see your progress as you work through the sections.

Choose the Right Photo

A photo gives your profile the personal touch and enables recruiters to put a face to the skill set they're reading about. Choose an appropriate photo, ideally one that shows you carrying out your skills if possible. Think about what you're wearing and how you're posing to ensure you come across as professional.

Headline and Summary

These are usually the first sections of information that a recruiter will see on your profile and as first impressions count, it's important to get them right. Make your headline punchy and relevant so that it grabs the attention of recruiters. Use your summary space wisely to showcase your achievements, qualifications and experience clearly and concisely.

Back up Your Claims

Use numbers, studies or other tangible facts to back up any claims you make. This makes your profile seem more credible and gives recruiters a more detailed insight into your past achievements. Never become tempted to over embellish facts and statistics though - false claims are almost always picked up on at some point and this casts doubt on your character.

Project Personality

Remember that LinkedIn is a little like a social network rather than a formal resume. You want to attract professionals but you don't need to be stuffy and formal. Use your profile to project your personality, ensure you write in first person narrative and just be yourself. Avoid any cliche statements or buzzwords and write about what matters to you both in and out of work. You could even add a link to your blog or personal website.

Include a Current Job Entry

You should enter a current job even if you're unemployed. If you leave this section blank you run the risk of not being picked up by employer searches. If you're not working then create a dummy job within your remit, just to allow you to be picked up on searches.

Piper Fitzgerald is a Specialist Talent Consultancy operating within Audit, Tax & Advisory Australia wide, recruiting only the Top 15% of candidates. If you are currently looking to recruit for your organisation or are interested in current market opportunities contact Simon on or 1300 619 510.

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