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Five Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job - Now!

OK, so we all want to quit on the first day back from holidays, but here are five signs that it’s something you may need to think about more seriously.

1. You’re not getting upskilled

If you’re not getting upskilled then you’re getting deskilled. The pace of change is now so great that only constant retraining on new systems and with new techniques is going to keep you at the forefront professionally. The law and taxation framework are constantly changing, so you need to be properly briefed on new developments.

If this isn’t happening, you’re in a backwater, and drifting inexorably towards career rocks. Maybe your firm is run by the kind of Neanderthals who think you might leave if they train you. Guess what? You’re going to leave if they don’t.

2. They’ve sent you to a branch office

Never let them send you for a prolonged period to a branch office. Promotions, career building, reputation management, networking - it all happens at headquarters. The reason they’re called branches is because they fork off from the main body of the business. Soon you’ll find your branch is little more than a twig. Demand to be repatriated to head office, and if they refuse, leave.

3. You’ve come to dread work socials

There’s no surer sign that you’re working somewhere totally alien to your character and lifestyle than breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to socialise with your colleagues. If you have a sneaking feeling that after the first couple of glasses at your office dinner you’re going to lose it and tell them exactly what you think of their politics, lifestyle, deepest beliefs, dress sense and favourite TV show, it's time to go.

Have you considered working with people you like and respect? Many people do. A sideways move is definitely recommended in these circumstances.

4. You loathe the clients

Accountancy and audit are professions that are in demand, so there’s really no reason to stick with a job that regularly brings you into contact with clients you dislike. This is especially true if you’re expected to socialise with clients.

5. You have no idea why they hired you

You’re a high flyer, but you realise after you’ve been at the firm for a while that it’s composed of people who want a nice, quiet life. Not only do they not have the kind of work that would keep you interested and enthused, none of your colleagues even expect to be interested and enthused any more.

A tell-tale sign to watch for is that your colleagues are obsessed with time consuming and expensive hobbies that are actually their only interest. These people are zombies who have hired you to convince clients that they are young and sharp.

You need to move to a new job immediately before they suck out every drop of lifeblood and leave you a dried-out (but well qualified) husk.

Piper Fitzgerald is a Specialist Talent Consultancy operating within Audit, Tax & Advisory Australia wide, recruiting only the Top 15% of candidates. If you are currently looking to recruit for your organisation or are interested in current market opportunities contact Simon on or 1300 619 510.


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